15 MINUTES WITH Nicoline Huizenga


Nicoline Huizenga

Meet Nicoline Huizenga, owner of fashion label The Five


Meet Nicoline, owner of fashion label The Five in Amsterdam. After studying Law – ‘to please my parents’ – she decided to pursue her true love for fashion. In 2016 she started working on her own label and in 2017 her first collection was launched. A year later her second collection launched, and she has been on a roll since.


What is the best part of your job? ‘I definitely love designing the most! Picking out fabrics and thinking of how we are going to use them just makes me happy.’ What is your biggest achievement so far? ‘Recently, I finally saw a random person on the street wearing one of my suits! That has been a dream for a while haha.’

What is the next step for The Five? What is your ultimate goal? ‘My ultimate goal is to make The Five an internationally successful (not too big) company. I want to keep on growing and become more professional. Expand my team and work together to make the best/most creative/cool/unique shit. I would love to move to a bigger office and also make it into a beautiful showroom, so people can come take a look.’


Since you were created outfits for your grandmother, is she the one who made you fall in love with fashion? ‘Definitely, she is 85 now and she still walks around in high leopard print heels and red lipstick. I was always hanging around her closet making outfits and putting on make-up. She used to give me Vogue September issues and she still always tells me what the colour trends are for coming season haha.’

How would you describe your own look? ‘My signature look is comfortable. That comes in many forms. My favourite pieces of clothing are my big sweaters. Comfortable, oversized and unicolor.’

I definitely love designing the most! I definitely love designing the most!

Quick Fire Questions

Gold or Silver?


Sneakers or heels?


Online shoppen or in store?

‘Online online online’

Always late or on time?

‘On Time’

Favorite Rosefield watch?

‘The Tribeca’